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ZeroDay Law is a trusted partner with a focus on legal exposure, resilience and readiness.

Cybersecurity Law and
Privacy Law Services

ZeroDay Law provides legal perspective on cybersecurity, offering high-caliber, practical solutions for cyber risk compliance and management, including incident response planning, tabletop exercises, compliance testing and breach notification with a focus on legal exposure, resilience and readiness.

Learn about ZeroDay Law’s cybersecurity law and privacy law services below.

Incident Response Planning

Building an incident response plan to match the current threat environment requires experience in technical security, cybersecurity law and privacy law. ZeroDay Law offers this expertise and extensive experience in incident response planning and management to address the non-technical consequences of a cybersecurity or privacy incident. With an understanding of potential legal issues, ZeroDay Law’s incident response planning helps clients—beyond the IT department—meet compliance requirements and avoid common pitfalls that can be expensive and time-consuming.

Tabletop Exercises

ZeroDay Law’s specialized table-top exercises simulate the important operational and practical steps of a mock security incident with a group of 10-12 people from your organization. Prior to the exercise, we study your operations and culture from a legal and operational perspective and confer with forensic experts to create a customized, realistic threat scenario that will best work with your current ad hoc or formal IR Plan and processes. Each table-top exercise provides a meaningful immersion into the roles each department would play (beyond the Legal Department and IT/IS), after which we provide concrete, actionable post-exercise action items and other recommendations for specific resources within your organization.

Cybersecurity Planning for Industry Partners

Significant financial, legal and reputational harm can occur following a cybersecurity incident for any organization in any industry. ZeroDay Law has experience working across all industries, and can help your organization understand its cyber risk and develop a robust incident response plan to mitigate threats beyond those of a technical nature.

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Professional Development

Combining her cybersecurity law expertise and a master’s degree in teaching, Tara offers two types of cyber- and privacy-related risk or legal training:

  1. Tara offers confidential coaching for the Board of Directors, executives, lawyers/legal departments, IT and information security stakeholders customized to each individual’s particular need.
  2. Tara offers company training to prepare your organization with a 12-24 month plan identifying the areas you should tackle first to comply with state, federal and international requirements.

Board of Directors and Corporate Officers Consulting

Tara provides cybersecurity and privacy consulting specifically designed for corporate officers and boards of directors to identify and fulfill their risk oversight responsibilities. Drawing on a combination of SEC-published enforcement actions and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Cyber Risk Oversight handbook, which Tara helped draft, her advice focuses on fully understanding your organization’s cybersecurity requirements and offering practical steps for achieving the most cost-effective cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Risk Assessment and Compliance Programs

ZeroDay Law conducts comprehensive cybersecurity liability risk assessments to determine (and minimize) cybersecurity-related liability exposure and develop compliance programs. After conducting a baseline analysis to identify, digest, and organize applicable regulatory, statutory, contractual and voluntary obligations, we select cyber and privacy standards and frameworks (including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework), then compare objective and subjective requirements against your existing cybersecurity and privacy program to identify gaps and recommend cybersecurity and privacy program components to improve your compliance programs.