Board of Directors Cybersecurity Training

Executives and Board Directors focus on risks in the context of driving toward the company’s top strategic goals. But the truth is, cyber risk is a significant strategic business risk. Each entire organization depends on cybersecurity and strong strategic response plans are the best way to protect your business.  

Cyberattacks are bound to happen to every organization and most aspects of cyberattacks cannot be controlled. But companies can control how their organization responds to the eventual incident. 

Once Executives and Board Directors learn several tangible tips, facts and principles they will be better equipped to tackle operational cyber issues back at the office.  

Whether seasoned in cyber risk and strategic incident response or just beginning, ZeroDay Law offers training and consulting services specifically designed for Executives and Board Directors to understand the real cyber threats facing each organization in terms relevant to their roles. 

“As a CIO for Blue Shield of California, I found Tara’s presentation on cybersecurity and, in particular, how to respond to a data breach comprehensive and accurate.” - Lisa Davis, CIO, Blue Shield of California

Board of Directors Cybersecurity Training Topics

ZeroDay Law offers presentations on a variety of topics and is open to specific requests for training. Topics include cybersecurity governance, legal risk exposure, incident response and oversight responsibilities, all specifically designed for corporate officers and boards of directors. 

Drawing on a combination of years of experience, SEC-published enforcement actions and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Cyber Risk Oversight handbook, which Tara helped draft, her advice focuses on fully understanding your organization’s cybersecurity requirements and offering practical steps for achieving the most cost-effective cybersecurity program.

“Tara’s presentation on cybersecurity and data privacy was absolutely terrific! It was informative, entertaining and interactive with our Board Directors and executives.” - Paul Gurrola, Founder, Corporate Boards USA

Board of Directors Cybersecurity Presentation and Workshop 

Unfortunately, when it comes to strategic planning for cyber incidents, companies are either going to pay now or pay big later. ZeroDay Law’s workshops will prepare Board Directors with the tools they need to successfully understand how to kickstart a strong strategic response plan, which will be made obvious with real-world examples of the highs and lows of a company’s response to a cyber incident.

Example takeaways:
  • The current landscape of global cybercrime
  • Threat actors (groups) that are really behind cyberattacks on U.S. organizations
  • Cyber risks other than IT
  • The complex nature of cyber incident responses
  • Key risks and threats and why the numbers matter to the bottom line
  • Critical principles Board Directors need to know about strategic response planning

Get actionable takeaways you can implement immediately to improve your organization’s resilience. Contact our team today to learn more.