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ZeroDay Law offers unparalleled experience in cyber law and the technical, legal and business aspects of a data breach.

Cybersecurity Law Firm

ZeroDay Law is a privacy and cybersecurity law firm specializing in incident response management, planning and preparation, and ensuring in-house counsel and organizations are prepared to expertly manage the legal and technical requirements that come before, during and after a cyber attack.

With combined expertise in the legal, business and technical aspects of cybersecurity law and privacy, ZeroDay Law minimizes clients’ financial, legal and reputational risks through effective incident response preparation and management.

Read more about founder Tara Swaminatha, and her role as principal cybersecurity lawyer and privacy lawyer.

What People Are Saying

"I had the pleasure of working with Tara from ZeroDay Law and I can confidently say that her professional services are second to none. Her expertise and professionalism stood out to me as she provided thoroughly researched, well-reasoned opinions on all matters. Her professional judgment is accurate and exceptionally well-informed.

Tara's work ethic is exemplary as she always went above and beyond to address any issues and delivered the work product in a timely manner. Working with Tara was one of the best collaborations I've had in my entire professional career, working in over 40 countries—I'd highly recommend her professional and legal services."

Senior ICT Legal / Policy Advisor USAID

“Tara understands the various workflows of an investigation, plans for contingencies, anticipates client concerns and pain points, successfully liaises with law enforcement, understands forensics, and is able to digest technical reports in a meaningful and actionable way.”

The Legal 500

“We’ve worked with Tara on a number of clients and I think she’s top notch. She’s smart, thoughtful, cool under fire, and experienced, which shows time and again in working with clients in various stages of panic during a crisis. She has a thoughtful, mature approach to preparing for cybersecurity incident response and her vision extends beyond the legal issues and towards broader business imperatives for her client. It’s just one of the many reasons we love working with her. She also has the added benefit of close relationships with the FBI from her time at DOJ working on cyber-based prosecutions.”

Mark Seifert, Global Co-Chair of Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Brunswick Group

“Tara understands the legal, operational and technological aspects of incident response and is really outstanding in her ability to balance those perspectives in a way that helps us make effective decisions throughout our investigations. With Tara, we educated stakeholders and successfully made the business case for IR process improvements.”

Cyber / Privacy Counsel Top 10 Bank

"As a provider of Digital Forensics and Incident Response services, it is important to Atlantic Data Forensics that our clients have the best legal representation or advice possible in what is always a complex and difficult situation. Tara is one of the best cybersecurity and data privacy attorneys in the country. Her years of experience as a DOJ Computer Crimes and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) AUSA combined with extensive work for some of the world’s biggest law firms enables Tara to readily give clients clear answers and strong legal strategies. When you need straight answers to tough legal questions you need ZeroDay Law.”

Brian Dykstra, CEO Atlantic Data Forensics

"Having worked with ZeroDay, and Tara Swaminatha for many years, I can attest that their client service is impeccable. Their attorneys and other professionals are extremely knowledgeable but also take the time to understand our company’s strategic objectives to deliver relevant and timely advice and pragmatic solutions."

Legal, Director S&P 500 Tech Company

"Tara is probably the best attorney I’ve ever worked with on cybersecurity. She speaks “tech” and “law” in a way that everyone understands which is no small feat."

Elise, Chief Privacy Officer

"Tara Swaminatha is on some of the same lists as Luke Dembosky as a top IR lawyer. I’ve had a number of good conversations with her through various CISO circles. She is technically knowledgeable, translates IT speak into actionable items with ease, is a great conversationalist, and valuable sounding board."

VP & CISO Global Fortune 500 Company

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