Tabletop Exercises

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Preparedness

Cybersecurity preparedness demands a proactive approach to appropriately evaluate cyber risk and develop the best measures to mitigate, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. 

Tabletop exercises challenge organizations to face and resolve cyber threats in a controlled environment; they create a unique opportunity to identify vulnerabilities in cyber security measures, improve cyber threat awareness and test the effectiveness of incident response plans.

“Tara understands the legal, operational and technological aspects of incident response and is really outstanding in her ability to balance those perspectives in a way that helps us make effective decisions throughout our investigations. With Tara, we educated stakeholders and successfully made the business case for IR process improvements.”

Cyber / Privacy Counsel, Top 10 Bank

What are Tabletop Exercises?

Tabletop exercises (TTX) are scenario-based simulation activities that create a mock security incident to test a designated incident response team (IRT). By immersing the IRT members in their roles, TTX scenarios illuminate gaps in communication, decision-making and inter-departmental coordination, all of which can create vulnerabilities in systems, processes and organizational dynamics that a general assessment could overlook. 

Tabletop exercises allow organizations to test an incident response plan at full scale and observe the entirety of the IRT’s performance under pressure. In addition to testing, the exercise provides training that builds familiarity with the process and improves response to actual cyber incidents.

TTXs improve overall cybersecurity preparedness on many levels. Participation in these programs also fosters a culture of awareness, foresight and preparedness, making cybersecurity an integral part of every employee’s role.

ZeroDay Law’s Tabletop Exercise Services

ZeroDay Law’s tabletop top exercises are uniquely tailored to provide a customized, realistic threat scenario that will best work with your current incident response plans and processes. Every exercise provides a meaningful immersion into the roles each department would play, followed by actionable post-exercise analysis and recommendations provided by ZeroDay Law.

More than a simple simulation, ZeroDay Law’s tabletop exercises provide an actual experience—a realistic cyber threat scenario tailored to challenge incident response across an organization. While each exercise is unique to the organization’s needs, the fundamental steps of the process include:

  1. Studying clients’ operations and culture from a legal and operational perspective and then planning and scoping the exercise based on client objectives and organizational landscape. 
  2. Conferring with forensic experts to create a customized realistic threat scenario that accurately simulates potential cyber threats.
  3. Facilitating tabletop exercises to maximize employee engagement.
  4. Evaluating exercise outcomes to identify areas for improvement, lessons learned and provide actionable recommendations.
  5. Following up with post-exercise action items and other recommendations for your organization.

Benefits of Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises offer organizations technical and non-technical benefits that can enhance cybersecurity programs, policies and culture.

  • Identifying vulnerabilities provides insights for improving and refining cybersecurity incident response plans, policies and strategies.
  • Improving interdepartmental communication creates familiarity and comfort between groups that streamline future incident response actions.
  • Simulating real-world pressure tests decision-making capabilities and improves decision-making skills.
  • Reviewing results provides actionable insights for improving or refining cybersecurity processes.
  • Experiencing a cyber threat (even a simulated one) fosters a culture of awareness and preparedness.

"I had the pleasure of working with Tara from ZeroDay Law and I can confidently say that her professional services are second to none. Her expertise and professionalism stood out to me as she provided thoroughly researched, well-reasoned opinions on all matters. Her professional judgment is accurate and exceptionally well-informed.

Tara's work ethic is exemplary as she always went above and beyond to address any issues and delivered the work product in a timely manner. Working with Tara was one of the best collaborations I've had in my entire professional career, working in over 40 countries—I'd highly recommend her professional and legal services."

Senior ICT Legal / Policy Advisor, USAID

Why Choose ZeroDay Law?

ZeroDay Law focuses on meeting the growing demand for legal expertise in the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. We are an agile team of cyber and privacy law specialists dedicated to helping clients improve their cybersecurity posture.

A proactive approach to cybersecurity is essential to safeguard a company's assets and ensure its ability to function. Tabletop exercises are a powerful element of a comprehensive cybersecurity program as they represent a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, enhancing inter-departmental collaboration, and ensuring an organization’s readiness to respond to cyber threats effectively. 

Protecting your organization from cyber threats demands proactivity and begins with a conversation with the tabletop exercise specialists at ZeroDay Law. Take the first step toward a new level of cybersecurity preparedness. Contact ZeroDay Law to learn how!